The Las Vegas Sun

Reusable Revolution LLC, the innovative e-commerce solar lighting company is making waves across the desert in the field of solar energy. This company offers solar products ranging from road studs and landscape lights to LED motion sensor security and flood lights, covering both the residential and commercial markets. Popular residential lights include the solar staircase lights and solar motion security lights while the solar road studs and solar 108 LED flood lights have proven to be popular commercially. Their merchandise not only focuses on road safety and outdoor lighting, but also includes unique alternative energy products such as solar powered radios and solar powered flag pole lights.

With over 100 solar products, Reusable Revolution LLC distributes its merchandise through numerous online channels including the company’s own website, Based in a 10,000 square foot facility in Las Vegas, Nevada, the company sells to customers all over the United States and overseas. Their products are proving to be popular in sunny US cities, remote rural areas, and countries where there is limited or no grid power. In 2011, Reusable Revolution LLC provided solar road studs and strip lights to multiple United States Air Force bases in Afghanistan. A number of other government agencies and Fortune 500 companies have also embraced Reusable Revolution’s products. “This is a very encouraging sign and a great testament to our products. It is also great to see the clean energy conscience of these large agencies shine through,” said Damien Silver partner.

Reusable Revolution LLC’s success can be attributed to the growth of green energy and the willingness of consumers to embrace affordable clean energy solutions. As more people turn to clean energy, Reusable Revolution LLC will continue to embrace opportunities to introduce new products and develop their customer friendly website. Reusable Revolution LLC also supports the development of green energy locally by teaming up with University of Nevada, Las Vegas Renewable Energy Department. Through this relationship the company has gained access to some of the brightest young minds in the industry. Over the next year the company plans on hiring numerous students from this program.

“This is an exciting time for the company,” said President Brad Howard. “With more people turning to renewable energy products, the growth potential is infinite. Since being founded in 2009 the number of products we are able to offer has dramatically increased due to a growing demand in clean and renewable energy. This market has been expanding so rapidly that 2012 revenue is expected to double the earnings of 2011. As this market continues to evolve, so will the business and our opportunities.”


Date Published: May 23, 2012