About Us

Trend Nation originated from the idea of selling our favorite accessory: a single style of purse hanger that was a big hit everywhere we went! After successfully selling the purse hangers on eBay, a retail website was created and eventually an Amazon seller account was born. We then took our rapidly growing and successful business model and duplicated it for men’s accessories, reusable products, and crystallized accessories, which collectively became Trend Nation, LLC. Now, Trend Nation is a predictive analytics based e-commerce company that fills demand through a focus on data. We know what customers want to purchase and we provide those products in accessible online spaces at competitive prices. Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, Trend Nation manufactures products under several niche brands primarily in the fashion and accessory verticals. Our products range from solar lights to cufflinks to baby blankets. With a mission to delight 10 million customers by 2020 we are well on our way.

What Drives Us

  • Identify consumer demand, disrupt markets and delight customers.
  • Best in class online marketplace distribution
  • Keep it Real
  • Attitude is Contagious
  • Relentlessly Resourceful
  • One Team, One Dream
  • Adapt to Grow