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Is your brand struggling to control its presence on major online marketplaces? Are unauthorized sellers flooding your listings, eroding the price of your products, and misrepresenting your brand?

All of these problems can make for an unmanageable and overwhelming marketplace experience, but ignoring them can cause serious long-term damage to your brand’s reputation. It becomes a challenge between focusing on the core of your business, or policing your presence on marketplaces. That’s where Trend Nation Managed Marketplace Accounts (MMA) can help.

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Managed Marketplace Accounts

As a Managed Marketplace Account, your brand will receive value-added services that address your marketplace issues, and expand your presence further. An account manager will be on deck to handle all of these services for you, so you can focus on the growth and development of your brand. With years of experience under our belt and a stable of skilled professionals, you’re in good hands with Trend Nation.

Managed Accounts: Value-Added Services

Address your marketplace issues and expand your online presence further.


TrendVoice: Reviews-Building

TrendVoice is an exclusive review-building program, made up of trusted Amazon-users who provide helpful and unbiased reviews for your newly-launched products. This is a great way to develop product credibility, increase search rank for your listings, and receive valuable customer feedback.

Content & Search Optimization

Our content specialists use marketplace expertise to create the right content and optimize your brand presence. Using your provided information our team constructs: key-selling bullet points, a descriptive company background, posts your chosen product photos, prices your products according to your MAP or MSRP, and even has the ability to post a short product video.

Policy Communication

Once our technology systems come across pricing discrepancies or unapproved seller activity, our account management team goes to work. We communicate with MAP violators and unapproved sellers on your behalf. We report and document all of the communications so you know exactly what is going on with your authorized sellers and your products.

3rd Party Seller & MAP Monitoring

When you work with Trend Nation we will provide you with an Account Manager who will begin by doing an initial audit of your listings. They will work with you to develop an approved seller list and input all your MSRP pricing into our database. From there, our system will constantly be watching for any pricing discrepancies and unapproved seller activity . Your entire SKU base will be monitored at all times, making sure your pricing policies are adhered to.

Access to International Markets

Are your international customers being served? When you partner with Trend Nation you also gain access to a myriad of International Marketplaces all around the globe. Let us handle your distribution, and reach customers in all markets without lifting a finger. No matter the marketplace, you can maintain a consistent brand image, and trust us to represent your brand.

Data-Collection & Reporting

Our representatives use cutting-edge data collecting software to provide you with the measurable reports on a timely basis covering a variety of information such as price history, channel trends, on-going sales data and more.

Brand Partners: Managed Marketplace Accounts

Brand Case Study:


Major domestic athletic sock brand with 300+ SKUs that sells directly to Amazon has issues with maintaining MAP on the marketplace and identifying unapproved third-party sellers.